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Tinsel in a Tangle Tinsel in a Tangle

There’s still time to get Broadstripe
High Speed Internet

Make online shopping this holiday
season a breeze, with Broadstripe
High Speed Internet.

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LP - Cool Weather 2017

Offer expires 1/25/20. Offers do not apply to FiberNet products. Must be a new residential subscription. $25.00/mo rate for download wired speed up to 60Mbps is for 12 months. After 12 months, rate will adjust to regular rate (currently $91.95/mo), which is subject to change. If the customer supplies a modem and/or WiFi router, the package price will be reduced at the time of sale. Offers may not be available in all areas and may not be combined with other offers. If promotional package is canceled or downgraded, retail rates will apply. **Prices exclude taxes, fees and other charges (e.g., installation, service call, usage-based or separately billed charges). Internet speeds not guaranteed and may vary by your equipment, number of users/devices and other factors outside of Broadstripe’s control. WiFi Connection speeds may vary and are subject to the limitation of WiFi network protocols and the capability of the device on the network. Offers and services, along with equipment pricing, taxes, fees and other charges, subject to change during or after promotion period without notice.Some restrictions may apply. Visit www.broadstripe.com for terms and conditions. All rights reserved. Broadstripe © 2019.

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