Dear Broadstripe Customer:

You may have heard the news that RCN has acquired WOW! services in the area of Anne Arundel, MD, which include Internet, TV, and Phone offered by Broadstripe.  We are excited to welcome you to RCN, where delivering quality services from top rated customer support teams is our passion and customers are our #1 priority – now and in the future.  We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our company and let you know what’s ahead.


Welcome to RCN

As the sixth-largest provider in the United States, we offer exceptional services and a competitive choice to areas in Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley (PA), Philadelphia (Delaware County), Washington DC and New York City.  Over the years, we’ve invested billions of dollars in our fiber-rich network, with a focus on technology and innovation – and we’re not slowing down.  We work tirelessly every day to enrich our customers’ lives by delivering innovative, reliable services and ensuring complete satisfaction with each interaction with our team.

Our company has been at the forefront of the residential and business connectivity transformation, providing customers with access to high-speed gigabit broadband along with other innovative TV and phone services.  With RCN, customers can enjoy all the perks our advanced network has to offer, all backed by our award-winning, local support teams.  We look forward to offering the same great services and support to customers in Anne Arundel, MD.


What’s next and what to expect

Over the next several months, we will gradually transition your service to RCN. While this is occurring, there is no action required on your part.

During this period of transition and afterward, we plan to invest millions to ensure you have access to the fastest most reliable Internet, next generation TV and the best that technology has to offer.  Keeping you connected to everything that is most important to you is what we’re here to do.  We look forward to sharing more with you in the months ahead about the exciting enhancements we have planned!


We’ll keep you informed

You’ll find FAQs below and we’ll post updates to keep you informed of the progress we’re making to transition your service to RCN.  In the meantime, we welcome you to RCN and thank you for being a valued customer.  We look forward to serving you!



RCN Telecom Services, LLC





FAQs Regarding Transition to RCN

We are excited to welcome you to RCN! We’re sure you have a lot of questions regarding the sale of the WOW! assets operating under the Broadstripe brand in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and what’s coming next.  We want to assure you that you are our top priority and we are working to ensure a seamless transition.


Q: Why were these areas of Broadstripe acquired? 

RCN’s acquisition of Broadstripe’s Maryland service area will be joining the existing RCN system in Maryland.  Our robust fiber-rich network assets will allow us to deliver even more communications services to customers in Anne Arundel County, offering both residential and business customers new products and services to enhance the suite of products Broadstripe already offers.  Our immediate focus will be on continued excellence and customer service support. We also expect to leverage the best practices we offer today from our family of companies to continue to provide current Broadstripe customers with the best services possible after a short transition to RCN is completed. 


Q: Who is RCN? 

RCN is an award-winning broadband communications company that offers a full suite of Internet, TV, and Phone services for residential and business customers though its state-of-the-art, high-capacity, hybrid fiber-optic network.  Since its launch, RCN has offered customers a real choice in entertainment and communications services.  RCN currently delivers fast Gig internet up to 940Mbps, and is backed by outstanding local customer and technical support, in the communities of Boston, Chicago, the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington, D.C. 


Q:  What does this mean for current Broadstripe customers? 

Our highest priority is continued customer satisfaction, and that includes taking care of Broadstripe’s loyal base of customers.  Following a short transition, RCN expects to continue to build enhanced communications products and services for former Broadstripe customers. RCN’s capital and resources will support an accelerated growth of the existing fiber network and related services.  


Q:  Will there be any changes to the services provided or changes to customer support?

All existing services and customer support will continue without interruption. RCN will become your service provider** but will communicate with you under the Broadstripe brand for a limited time as we complete the transition of operations to RCN.  During this time, you will continue to receive quality services you have enjoyed from Broadstripe.  If any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance.  


Q:  How long before Broadstripe customers see the benefit of this acquisition?

We are committed to integrating current Broadstripe customers as quickly as possible into the RCN family following the completion of the acquisition so customers have access to an innovative and broader set of products and services in the future.  Our goal is to provide current Broadstripe customers with top-notch communications services for Internet, TV, and Phone and customer support.


Q: Will my existing Internet, TV, and/or Phone services change as a result of this acquisition?

Your existing services will not immediately change.  RCN is committed to ensuring a seamless transition of existing Broadstripe customers to RCN following the close of this acquisition.  


Q: Will my TV Channel lineup, Internet Speeds, or other services change?

Due to the transition to a more uniform RCN national programming lineup, a limited number of networks will no longer be carried effective December 31, 2021. However, we expect to add channels in the near future as part of this transition. Look for future notices about these new channels soon. For details, visit RCN will continue to conduct a comprehensive review during the transition period, and will provide you notice of any changes to your services, rates, and conditions should they occur.


Q: Will RCN taking over Broadstripe cause my current package prices to go up or down?

We are committed to giving customers the best value and service.  Our long-term focus is to introduce new offers featuring greater value and convenience for Broadstripe customers. Current package prices and promotions will remain the same and, if any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance. ***


Q: How long will the transition take?

We want the transition to be as smooth as possible, so it will take several months for the transference of systems to occur.  We will provide you with more information as we make progress.


Q:  Will Broadstripe customers continue to receive bills from Broadstripe?

Yes, Broadstripe customers will continue to receive bill statements and other communications using the Broadstripe brand immediately following the acquisition. 


Q:  Will there be any changes to customer support?

We will maintain the same high level of support you have been enjoying.  Following a short transition period, we anticipate taking advantage of our existing resources to provide even broader support hours.


Q: What number do I call for support? 

You will continue to call the numbers you have been calling during the transition.  For Customer Service, Billing or Service, please call:
Anne Arundel, MD 410-987-9300


Q: Where do I send my payment?

You will continue to send your payment to the same address you have been sending it to:

Anne Arundel / Millersville


PO BOX 62436

BALTIMORE, MD 21264-2436


Q: Do I need to change my autopay? 

No, you do not need to do anything with your autopay.  It will process on your scheduled date.  No need to change or contact your bank/credit card company.


Q:  What does this mean for WOW! business partners?

We have a best-in-class network of partners and look forward to welcoming WOW! partners to our network. Partners will realize several benefits as RCN expands on WOW!’s existing capabilities in the long-term, including the addition of advanced product offerings.


**Except for customers receiving Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) discounts.  Customers participating in the EBB program will continue to receive internet from Broadstripe for a transition period.  All other services, including non-EBB internet services, will be offered by RCN using a WOW!-associated brand name, or using the Broadstripe powered by RCN name.
*** RCN will honor all applicable Broadstripe promotional terms and conditions effective as of November 1, 2021 for the duration of the transition period