Internet & Wi-Fi FAQs

I am having a connectivity issue with my modem.

Most connectivity problems fall under three categories. Troubleshooting methods vary depending upon the type of problem you are experiencing.

  • No Sync – Occurs when your cable modem does not detect enough signal from the network.
  • Sync-no-surf – Your connection fails even when your cable modem indicates that you have “activity”.
  • Intermittent Sync – Some sync problems are not constant, with the connection going up and down repeatedly at seemingly random intervals.

If an error occurs, one or more lights turn off, or continue to flash (until the modem automatically resets itself), providing visual clues to detecting problems. Make sure to boot up the cable modem first before turning on your computer.

How do I reboot (aka Power Cycle) my modem?

  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem.
  • Wait 60 to 90 seconds, and plug the power cord back into the modem.
  • Wait for the Internet light to turn green.
  • Try connecting to the Internet.

Troubleshooting: No Sync

A No Sync situation may occur from a lack of signal strength, please review the following:

Make sure that your cable modem’s connection is securely attached.

Power cycle your cable modem.

Turn off the power switch on your modem or surge protector, or unplug it, then wait several seconds before powering it back up. Wait 60 to 90 seconds for your cable modem to attempt to re-establish its connection. Make sure to restart your router after modem sync (if applicable) and then computer.

Check your cable TV service.

The cable outlet jack that your cable modem is plugged into usually should have video service when a TV is plugged into it. Connect a TV set into the outlet that your cable modem uses and see if you receive a quality video signal. If you don’t get a video signal or it is of poor quality, there may be a physical problem with your cable TV/cable modem line, Broadstripe may be experiencing a service interruption or you have been placed in a billing or technical disconnect.

If you are still experiencing issues, contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or

Troubleshooting: Sync-No-Surf.

A Sync-no-surf situation may occur from a problem with the connection to your computer or the computer’s TCP/IP configuration, hence steps to ready the situation should involve:

Power cycle your cable modem.

Turn off the power switch on the cable modem (or unplug it), and your router (if applicable), then wait several seconds before powering the modem back up. Wait 60 to 90 seconds for your modem to attempt to re-establish its connection, then power on the router (if applicable), and then your computer.

Check your modem’s activity light.

After power cycling your modem, keep an eye on your activity light and try opening a web page with your browser. It should flash briefly when your computer makes an HTTP request. This is a good indication that your computer is able to connect through to your modem. If the activity light does not flicker when you try to get online, there may be a problem with your Ethernet card, in which case it may be a good idea to contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance. Make sure your Ethernet connections are securely seated in the modem and computer.

Check your Network Settings

Make sure that your computer’s TCP/IP Network Settings for DHCP are specified correctly. The settings you should be using are provided when your service is delivered. For details on how to get to your network settings, please see our Installation Support site for appropriate information.

If you are still experiencing issues, contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or

Troubleshooting: Intermittent Sync

An Intermittent Sync situation may occur from outside conditions affecting your connectivity, hence steps to ready the situation should involve:

Check for environmental causes.

A cable modem is a delicate piece of electronic equipment. Electronic interference can affect its ability to function – lamps, microwaves, radio signals, and wireless transmitting equipment have caused many intermittent-sync problems that are easily solved by moving either the modem or the interfering device further away. If you are using a wireless home network, please review the security settings for the device or disable the wireless capabilities to your computers and connect them via Ethernet cable to resolve the issue. Make sure your modem is placed in an open area to prevent over-heating, connected via a surge protector, and away from moisture and excessive heat.

Check your wiring.

Make sure that your cable modem’s connection is securely attached.

If you are still experiencing issues, contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or

What if I have problems connecting?

If the connection is ever lost, Broadstripe recommends powering down your computer and cable modem, then powering up in the following order:

  • The cable modem.
  • Wait 30 seconds to five minutes.
  • Router or switch (if applicable).
  • Wait 30 seconds to two minutes.
  • The computer.

How to deal with Spam

Be sure to turn on the spam filter in your email client. You can also increase or decrease the spam settings as necessary.
If you receive spam, do not use the link to remove yourself from their spam lists. This only lets the spammers know that your email address is valid, leading to even more spam.
Never reply to any request for personal information received in email; Broadstripe would never request this information through email. Such phishing attempts are created to get your secure information.

Does Broadstripe block content?

Broadstripe does not block any content, applications or service that is lawful or otherwise non-harmful to the network or subscribers. Broadstripe manages bandwidth to provide the best internet experience to all its users.

How do I change my Username and Password for my router?

  • Log in to your Linksys router using the Web interface. Type ” HYPERLINK “″” in your browser’s address bar. If you are still using the Linksys default username and password, leave the Username field blank and enter “admin” as the password.
  • Click the “Administration” tab in the Linksys interface. Under the Management sub-page, you will see your current username and password; change both to something that will be difficult for others to guess.
  • Click “Save Settings.”
  • Restore to Factory Settings.
  • Locate the “Reset” button on your Linksys router. On some routers, it is on the back of the device, while on others, it is on the bottom. The button is recessed in a small hole and you will need a pen or paper clip to press it.
  • Hold the “Reset” button for 30 seconds; the Power button should blink as you do this. Release the button, and then unplug the router from the wall for another 30 seconds.
  • Plug the router back in. Connect your computer via Ethernet and log in to the Linksys router using the default settings. All of your settings have been erased, so you’ll need to reconfigure your wireless network and set a new admin username and password.

Streaming TV FAQs

What is Streaming TV?

Streaming TV (also known as Over-the-Top, OTT, Streaming Services) is the digital distribution of television content delivered over the Internet. It’s a way of watching TV shows or movies online via a dedicated subscription service. There are two types of streaming TV services, Live Streaming TV and OnDemand Streaming TV. Live Streaming TV subscriptions are comparable to traditional cable TV service.

Do you need Internet for Streaming TV?

Yes. We recommend 60 Mbps download Internet speeds to stream TV service for the best streaming experience.

Will I still get my local channels with Streaming TV?

With certain Streaming TV providers, you will get local channels. As a WOW! company, Broadstripe has partnered with several Streaming TV partners that provide local channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and/or FOX. Compare Streaming TV Partners to see which subscription(s) best suits your viewing needs.

Can I stream live sports with Streaming TV?

Yes, some streaming providers stream live sports. Each streaming provider gives information on their website specific to the sports they stream. As a WOW! company, Broadstripe has partnered with several Streaming TV partners that provide live sports. Compare Streaming TV Partners to see which subscription(s) best suits your viewing needs.

I usually channel surf. Is there a guide with Streaming TV?

Each of the streaming providers has a guide. By going to their website, you can check them all out.

I love to record shows to watch later. How can I do that with Streaming TV?

Most streaming providers allocate a number of hours of ‘cloud storage’. Some even provide an unlimited amount. As a WOW! company, Broadstripe has partnered with several Streaming TV partners that offer cloud storage. Compare Streaming TV Partners to see which subscription(s) is best for you.

Will I save money if I cut the cord from traditional cable TV?

It most cases you will save money, but it does depend on which provider’s service(s) you subscribe to. Some Streaming TV plans cost more than others, but there are no additional fees or contracts.

What are the benefits of Streaming TV?

There are many benefits to Streaming TV:

• No contracts or agreements
• Watch the same shows on various devices
• No extra equipment rental or extra TV equipment fees*
• Multiple devices and subscriber accounts available
• No hidden fees
• Many available providers to choose from
• Can download multiple applications
• Cloud DVR recording available
• Similar to traditional cable, Streaming TV offers live programming as well as OnDemand movies and shows, and more!

*Broadstripe or other Internet service and cable modem required for an additional charge.

Do I pay Broadstripe for my Streaming TV subscription(s)?

No. You will pay for your Streaming TV subscription(s) directly to the Streaming TV provider(s) to which you subscribe. The Streaming TV subscription charges will not appear on your monthly Broadstripe billing statement.

If I have an issue with my Streaming TV provider, do I contact Broadstripe?

Broadstripe will troubleshoot the Internet connection that we provide to your home. If the issue is not with the Internet connection, you will need to contact your Streaming TV provider(s) directly.

Phone FAQs

How do I use Broadstripe Phone service?

Your Broadstripe Phone service works like any standard phone service, connecting into your existing home telephone wiring and working on your existing home phones. You will hear a dial tone when you pick up your Broadstripe Phone just as you did with your previous provider.

What features are included with my Broadstripe Phone service?

Your Broadstripe Phone includes many of the same features you have now. A complete list of features and commands are listed below. To download the list of calling features and commands, click here.

Code Calling Feature
*60 Selective Call Rejection Activate
*61 Priority Call / Distinctive Ring Call Waiting Activate
*63 Selective Call Forwarding Activate
*64 Selective Call Acceptance Activate
*66 Auto Call Back Activate
*67 Call ID Blocking Per Call
*69 Automatic Recall Activate
*70 Cancel Call Waiting
*72 Call Forwarding Activate
*73 Call Forwarding Deactivate
*77 Anonymous Call Rejection Activate
*82 Caller ID Blocking Per Call (present number if disabled)
*86 Cancel Repeat Dial
*87 Anonymous Call Rejection Activate
*89 Automatic Recall Activate
*98 Voicemail Access

Can I make emergency 911 calls on my Broadstripe Phone?


Can I keep my same phone number?

In most cases, yes, you can keep your existing phone number. A Customer Care Representative will help you work through the process.

Does Broadstripe Phone support security and/or health alert systems?

In most cases Broadstripe does support this type of systems. Please contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or for more information.

How do I check my Broadstripe Voicemail?

From Home: Dial *98 or your telephone number.

If you have a new voicemail, you will notice a “staggered” dial tone when you pick up the line. This will continue until you have called and checked your voicemail.

Away From Home: Dial you telephone number and press * during the greeting.

Online: Go to

Your Username is your telephone number and your password is your 4-digit PIN

Do I have to dial 1 before the number I want to dial?

Your dialing sequence should be the same. Phone numbers that previously required you to dial a 1 at the beginning of the phone number should continue to require a 1. There is no additional charge for nation-wide calling with Broadstripe if you have unlimited long distance on your plan.

How do I make a collect call?

Collect calls will now be facilitated without the assistance of an operator. To initiate a collect call, please dial 877-237-9740 and follow the prompts.

How many phone lines can I get with Broadstripe Home Phone service?

You can have multiple phone lines with Broadstripe Phone. Please contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or for more information.

Can I make International calls?

Yes, however for your peace of mind, we set up your service to restrict international calling unless you specifically request it to be allowed. To view a list of International Rates, click here.

Are there any places I can't call?

You can make calls anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada, however, the following area codes and services are intentionally blocked and not available:

  • Calling to a “900” area code or “pay-per-call” number.
  • Calling a 3-digit service code other than 611 and 411 (911 is allowed).
  • Calling a number collect or receiving a collect call except when you use an 800 provider such as 1-800-Collect or 1-800-CALL-ATT.
  • You can dial 800 provider collect calls but you can’t receive 800 provider calls.

Can I make Directory Assistance 411 calls on my Broadstripe Phone?

Yes, however, there is a charge for Directory Assistance calls.

Can I dial 0 to reach an Operator on my Broadstripe Phone?

Yes, however, there is a charge for Operator services.

What response does a caller hear when I have no service on my Broadstripe Phone because I powered off my modem?

Callers receive a busy signal unless you phone is forwarded to another number or voicemail picks up.

How long does it take for my Broadstripe Phone to become operational when I power on my modem?

You may need to wait up to 5 minutes before your cable phone is operational. If it is not operational after 5 minutes, contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or

Cable Television FAQs

How do I program my remote?

How do I use the features of the interactive TV Guide?

Press the GUIDE button on your remote to display the onscreen channel guide. Use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate the guide and press the SELECT button once you have found the show or movie of your choice. For more detailed instructions, click here.

What is watchTVeverywhere?

watchTVeverywhere has a lot of different definitions. For us, it is TV programs that are available on something other than a television set. That means your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android. watchTVeverywhere is free with your Broadstripe digital cable TV subscription.

How do I use watchTVeverywhere?

It is easy to start using watchTVeverywhere. The first step is registration. Click here to watch a 5-minute video about registration.

  • Select your TV provider from the drop-down menu and click on SUBMIT.
  • Click on “Register.” You will need two pieces of information to register. The best thing to do is have your latest invoice handy.
  • Your account number.
  • The correct spelling of the last name on the account.

You will be asked to:

  • Provide an email address. This will be your user name. This can be any valid email address.
  • Provide a password.
  • Select a password reset question.
  • Supply the answer to the password reset question.
  • Click on Register.
  • Now, check the email address you just provided. You will find an email message with your watchTVEverywhere activation link. Click on the link to complete the registration process.
  • You are done and can begin to enjoy watchTVeverywhere.

It is important that you keep your username and password confidential. Use of your credentials by others will result in loss of watchTVeverywhere privileges.

To watchTVeverywhere,

  • Visit
  • Click on LOG IN.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Select the TV Network you want to watch. Click on the network and you will see a list of the available programs.

Some networks will prompt you to enter login credentials. Simply use your watchTVeverywhere username and password to unlock certain shows.

To begin using watchTVeverywhere, click here.

What is the Service Protection Plan (SPP) and what does it cover?

Our Service Protection Plan covers select repairs for wiring inside your home. To learn more about SPP, click here.

What is Pay-Per-View and how does it work?

Broadstripe features Pay-Per-View (PPV) as a standard option for Digital Cable customers. PPV offers the latest wrestling, boxing and UFC events, concerts and adult programming on a pay-per-view basis.

Ordering is easy and secure. For access to PPV, a digital set-top converter is required. The on-screen guide provides titles and starting times. Prices vary. Tune to channel 301 or click here to see what’s available on PPV.

How do I order Pay-Per-View?

There are three ways to order:

What are Digital Music channels?

Digital music is a great added bonus as a Digital Cable subscriber. Dozens of channels are available featuring commercial-free, CD-quality music stations in a variety of categories including Pop, Country, R&B, Rap, Classical, Oldies, Seasonal, Rock, Jazz and more. Plus, the digital cable receiver is designed to connect to your stereo system and television, delivering CD-quality sound that sets the perfect mood for any occasion.

Is Parental Control available so that I can control what my kids watch on TV?

Broadstripe Digital Cable provides you with complete control over what your family can view. Your control options range from blocking a specific program based on its rating to blocking an entire channel. The following are instructions for activating parental control features:

To access the parental control menu:

  • Using the remote control that Broadstripe provided to you, Select the MENU button twice.
  • From the column on the far right of the menu, highlight PARENTAL CONTROL and press OK/SEL on the remote.
  • Enter a four-digit numerical parental control code using the keypad on your remote control. If you have not previously set a parental control code, you will be prompted to do so.
  • Press EXIT at any time to return to watching television.
  • Press MENU to return to the onscreen guide.

To change or clear the current parental control code, enter your current four-digit number. If you forgot your parental control code, please contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 or for assistance in resetting the code.

Billing FAQs

Do I have to spell out Broadstripe -Anne Arundel Broadband when paying by check?

A check may be made out to Broadstripe, AA Broadband or Anne Arundel Broadband.

What are the franchise fee and tax charges on my billing statement?

The Cable Act allows local governments to collect “franchise fees” on the sale of “cable services.” The amount of the franchise fee is set by the local government. Broadstripe collects the franchise fees and gives them to the local government. Local and state taxes vary by geographic area and may differ based on the applicable percentage as well as the service(s) and/or equipment that’s subject to the tax. The FCC fee is a fee imposed by the Federal Communications Commission and is also passed through to the customer on their monthly bill.

What does it mean when my bill statement has been pro-rated?

A pro-rated charge reflects the actual length of time you use Broadstripe services. For example, if you add a service in the middle of your billing cycle you are not responsible for paying the full monthly price. Rather, you are charged based on the number of days you had the service.

Will I be charged a late fee if I do not pay my Broadstripe bill on time?

Broadstripe encourages customers to make timely payments to avoid late fees and possible service interruption. We reserve the right to charge late fees when payments are made after the due date.

Why didn’t my payment show up on my bill?

Sometimes bills are issued before all the payments are processed in our billing system. Your latest bill may have been mailed prior to receipt of your payment and the credit may not appear on your bill. You may verify any payment by using our automated phone system or speaking with a Customer Care Representative at (410) 987-9300 or

What method of payment does Broadstripe accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards. We accept one-time check payments via mail or in our lobby, as well as cash payments in our lobby.

How can I pay my bill?

For your convenience, you can pay online at using your credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can make a credit or debit card payment through our phone system by calling (410) 987-9300 and pressing option 2 or by speaking with a Customer Care Representative. For credit/debit card, cash or check payments you may also visit our lobby at 406 Headquarters Drive, Millersville, MD 21108.

Another option is to set up automatic monthly payments by contacting our Call Center at (410) 987-9300.

How can I go paperless?

Contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 and ask to change your billing method to paperless and start receiving your bill via email. You can also opt-in to GOCare to receive mobile text alerts regarding your billing due date, account balance and confirmation of payments applied to your account. To learn more about GOCare, click here.

My services have been disconnected due to non-payment. How can I have my services reconnected and is there a fee?

Contact our Call Center at (410) 987-9300 to speak with a Customer Care Representative to settle your account. If you have a past due balance, it must be paid in full prior to services being restored. There is a restart fee.

Cable TV Channel Lineup