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Dear Valued Customer,


We are excited to announce that we are taking steps to further enhance our network to provide more entertainment options and faster internet speeds. As part of these upcoming changes, some channels in our lineup will be transitioned to a digital platform on December 15, 2020. Once completed, customers will need either a digital television with a built-in tuner or Broadstripe Advanced Equipment (HD Terminal, an HD DVR, or a CableCARD) to view these networks.

The good news is, many customers already have compatible equipment and currently enjoy a variety of networks in our digital lineup. For these customers, the only additional steps needed to continue viewing programming may simply be rescanning your built-in tuner for the new digital channel, or no action at all if you have Broadstripe Advanced Equipment. For anyone who may not have the proper equipment in the home, special action must be taken before December 15, 2020 to avoid losing access to these channels.

The following is a list of channels that will be impacted during this transition.
(Customers who already have a compatible television connected directly to the wall outlet may need to rescan the digital tuner to locate the new channel numbers listed below.)

Not all televisions are created equal! While many television sets on the market today are compatible, not all of them include the necessary built-in digital tuner to receive digital programming directly without a piece of secondary equipment. For any televisions in your home that do not have a built-in tuner or Broadstripe Advanced Equipment and are connected directly to the cable outlet on the wall, you must connect a Broadstripe digital receiver to continue viewing the impacted channels.

How do you know if your television is compatible with digital delivery?

  • Refer to your TV owner’s manual or to the manufacturer’s website to determine if your TV has a built-in digital tuner. If there is no information in the owner’s manual, it is likely the TV does not have the necessary tuner.
  • If your TV owner’s manual is unclear, you need more information regarding equipment, or require guidance to rescan for the new channel numbers, we’re here to help. You can go online to for assistance. You will also find an option to email us through the “contact us” link, or we can be reached by phone at 410-987-9300.

We hope to make this digital transition as easy and simple for you as we can and look forward to continuing to serve you well into the future.


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