A Simple Goal

Broadstripe provides cable television service with one simple goal: to offer every customer the very best TV experience possible. That means delivering all the shows you enjoy at a value that makes sense to your family. Big programming networks that supply those shows to Broadstripe often have other priorities.

What’s the Problem?

Today, just six multi-billion-dollar corporations own or control about 90% of existing TV networks and their programs. These big media conglomerates often wield their tremendous power to entitle themselves at your family’s expense. Many of these network owners also happen to be cable operators and they’re among Broadstripe’s competitors.

At times, their interests may not be in line with yours. They may demand fee increases that are double, triple, or even more for the same programs and experience. Other cable and satellite companies are faced with the same challenges. And when Broadstripe or other video providers try to defend you, networks often threaten to stop providing their content. In many cases across the country, they have walked away – permanently, or until their demands are met.

On Your Side

Broadstripe has no conflicting interests or ownership connections with any programmers. We focus exclusively on what’s best for our customers. That’s why we do everything possible to convince network owners to keep their prices reasonable.

Broadstripe is not a monopoly. We know you have other cable providers to choose from and we appreciate your choosing us.

The Broadstripe Pledge

  • To keep your bill as low as possible by standing up to the increasing fees networks demand
  • To negotiate in good faith with networks and keep you updated
  • To ask network owners not to use viewers’ loyalty against them during negotiations
  • If possible, to provide options and solutions if a network does remove its channel

Too Many Channels

“I only watch 20 channels – why do I have to pay for so many others?”

We agree! You deserve more choice and control over the TV programming you pay for.

In particular, you only want to pay for the channels that appeal to you and your family. But the big media companies have other ideas. They own most of the channels you want, as well as most of the channels you don’t want. And they won’t let you have the most popular channels unless other networks are included in your package as well. They need more viewers – and money — for these less-popular channels. So, in exchange for permitting Broadstripe to bring you the shows and channels you want, the media companies require you receive – and ultimately pay for – networks you don’t care about.

The Cost of TV Service

When you pay your monthly bill with Broadstripe, you’re essentially paying for two kinds of services. The first one represents the cost of maintaining and improving Broadstripe’s physical network. That includes everything from installing and maintaining technical facilities, paying employees to answer your call and come to your home to resolve problems, to normal operating expenses common to every business, like paying the electric bill. Broadstripe works hard to keep these costs under control, and we operate more efficiently than many TV providers.

The second “service” you pay for is to cover the fees the media companies charge for their channels. Today, well over half every dollar of your monthly bill for cable television goes to the programmers whose channels we carry. And this continues to increase. We recognize that it takes money to produce quality programming, and reasonable increases are a fact of life. But recently, more and more media companies have been demanding huge increases for their programming, even though viewership and ratings are often on the decline. To get these excessive price hikes, some media companies are willing to remove their networks from your channel lineup until Broadstripe gives in to their greedy demands. Rest assured that Broadstripe does everything possible to prevent that from happening so that we can deliver the best TV experience at the best possible value.

The Broadcaster’s Bargain

Since the earliest days of television, broadcast stations – NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox – have been granted free use of the public airwaves by the Federal government. That’s a public subsidy worth billions of dollars. In exchange, the only obligation broadcasters must meet is to “serve the public interest.” More than 60 years later, the public subsidy continues, but the public interest side of the bargain is too often ignored.

Because of an old TV law called “retransmission consent,” cable companies like Broadstripe are required to obtain consent from these local broadcast stations in order to carry them, and these broadcasters demand steep fees in exchange for that consent. Because of these outdated regulations that give TV stations a local monopoly, broadcasters often threaten to black out their signals, even though their programming remains available for free over-the-air with an antenna.

When the blackouts do finally end, consumers get their programming back but at a much higher cost.


Recent Programming Updates

08/19/21 ESPN Classic and ACC Network channel updates. Effective September 1, 2021, ESPN Classic will no longer be part of the Broadstripe channel lineup. Additionally, the ACC Network will launch on Broadstripe in the Digital Basic package on channel 469 (HD) and channel 130 (SD).

04/07/21 New channels added to Broadstripe cable. The following channels have been added to Broadstripe’s cable TV service; HSN HD (ch 430), BBC America/BBC America HD (ch 86 and 489), Cheddar/Cheddar HD (ch 87 and 484), Newsmax HD (ch 472), BBC World News/BBC World News HD (ch 129 and 490), Pop/Pop HD (ch 141 and 470), Smithsonian/Smithsonian HD (ch 142 and 471), CBS Sports Network HD (ch 449).

03/01/21 WGN America rebrands to NewsNation. The change comes with debuting an expanded lineup of five hours of nightly news programming.

2/28/21 Qubo and ION Life ceasing operations. These channels will cease operations on 2/28/21 and will no longer be available to Broadstripe or any other operator.

01/31/21 WBFF 4 Stadium rebrands to WBFF 4 Charge! The network features action and adventure-based programming.

09/08/20 Living Faith Network replaced with PTL Television Network. PTL Television Network will help families discover Biblical insights and prophetic revelation, strengthen faith, live healthier lives, and experience the power of God’s love and restoration in an ever-changing world. PTL Television Network features cutting-edge media and classic programming, each one designed to connect the generations.

02/04/20 Uplift TV rebrands to Faith Network. Effective 2/04/20, Uplift TV rebranded to Faith Network.

01/27/20 JUCE TV rebrands to POSITIV TV. Effective 1/27/20, JUCE TV rebranded to POSITIV TV. The ownership of the network has not changed. POSITIV TV is a movie channel featuring family films and uplifting stories of courage and hope.

08/21/19 EVINE Live rebrands to ShopHQ. Effective 8/21/19, EVINE rebranded to ShopHQ. ShopHQ is a home shopping channel offering exciting brands and unique products to customers around the country. Merchandise extends across many popular categories including jewelry, watches, home and food, fashion, beauty, health and fitness, electronics and more. ShopHQ can be found on Broadstripe channel 10.

07/02/19 Addition of CBS Sports Network. Broadstripe is pleased to announce the addition of CBS Sports Network to our channel lineup. CBS Sports Network televises nearly 600 live events and over 3,000 hours of live programming every year including live college football, college basketball, and more from the MW, AAC, Big East, C-USA, A-10, Army, Navy and the Patriot League. CBS Sports Network is available on Digital Basic channel 140.

03/12/19 Addition of Newsmax TV. Broadstripe is pleased to announce the addition of Newsmax TV to our channel lineup. Newsmax TV is an American free-to-air news channel. The live stream of the channel is also available for free online. The channel primarily broadcasts from Newsmax’s New York studio, carrying a news/talk format during the day and acquired documentaries and films at night. Newsmax TV is available on channel 84.

02/26/19 Addition of QVC2. Broadstripe is pleased to announce the addition of QVC2 to our channel lineup. A new “deal of the day”: The QVC2™ Big Deal is each day’s best value featuring home, fashion, beauty, jewelry and electronics products. QVC2 is available on channel 85.

11/23/18 Velocity rebrands to MotorTrend. Velocity, the #1 media destination for auto enthusiasts, rebranded to MotorTrend on November 23, 2018. MotorTrend reveals the people and the stories behind the machines, and takes you for an epic ride. From the makers to the menders, the drivers and the dreamers, everyone has a car story and no matter what you’re looking for, with MotorTrend, it’s Always Moving.

11/06/18 Addition of Stadium network. Broadstripe is pleased to announce the addition of Stadium to our channel lineup. Stadium (WBFF4) is the ultimate destination for the modern day sports fan, providing world-class sports content every day of the year. Stadium is available on Digital Basic channel 169.

11/01/18 GOCare updated Terms and Conditions . Our GOCare text messaging service Terms and Conditions have changed. Please visit https://broadstripe.com/policies-information to review the revised Terms and Conditions.

10/29/18 GOD TV is no longer available. The carrier of GOD TV dropped the network from their Faith and Family suite of networks. As a result, GOD TV is no longer available on the Broadstripe channel lineup.

01/18/18 Spike rebrands to Paramount Network. Effective January 18, 2018 at 9:00am EST, Spike (Expanded Basic channel 42) rebranded to Paramount Network.

12/28/17 Addition of Newsy and FXM. Broadstripe is pleased to announce the addition of Newsy and FXM to our channel lineup. Newsy can be found on Digital Basic channel 139 and HD channel 469. Newsy is a next-generation national news network. It’s best know for its daily news coverage and original storytelling. FXM is on Digital Basic channel 112. FMX’s programming consists largely of more recent and classic films.

9/30/17 Important Information for Broadstripe customers: WUSA has announced that they will cease broadcasting Bounce TV, effective on or after September 30, 2017.  Therefore, as of that same date, Bounce TV (WUSA) will no longer be available on Broadstripe Cable.

9/09/17 Sprout rebrands to Universal Kids. Effective September 9, 2017, Sprout rebranded to Universal Kids. Universal Kids will feature a 15-hour Sprout-branded block of preschool programming daily (3:00am to 6:00pm) before rolling into the older kids and families programming block at 6:00pm. Among the new shows slated for the Sprout block include Kody Kapow, which joins series Floogals, Dot., Nina’s World and Noddy Toyland Detective from DreamWorks Animation Television.

9/01/17 Olympic Channel to Replace Chiller. Effective on or about September 1, 2017, Broadstripe replaced Chiller, currently available on Digital Basic channel 109, with the Olympic Channel.