The Cable Communications Act of 1984, as amended by the Cable Consumer Protection Act of 1992, outlines your right to personal privacy as a cable customer. All personally identifiable cable-related information pertaining to your account is on file at the local cable office and is available for your review. If you wish to review these files, please contact us to make an appointment during normal business hours. This file includes the following: your name; addresses, including e-mail, billing and service; telephone and social security number; billing records; service, maintenance and repair records; premium service subscription information; credit card and bank data; service subscription and system transaction information; customer correspondence or other communications and marketing information. We collect personally identifiable information when 1) you voluntarily provide information to us; 2) it is necessary to provide cable or other services to you or to detect or prevent unauthorized reception of service. Unless we have your prior written or electronic consent, we only use our cable system to collect personally identifiable information for those purposes. We collect and use personally identifiable information for billing and customer service purposes, including to operate and provision our network; identify and resolve problems with your service; provide our enhanced services to you; resolve problems with your service; communicate with you about service issues; offer enhanced features and new product or service offerings; protect the security of our services and facilities; and to maintain our business records. We may also use your personally identifiable information in investigating and resolving issues of fraud and unauthorized use of our services. The company may use it during the time you receive cable service and for a period of time at the conclusion of active service. Anne Arundel Broadband will retain personally identifiable information for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, to comply with laws governing our business, including tax and accounting laws, or to satisfy pending requests or orders for access by subscribers, the government or pursuant to court order. These retention requirements may mean that some of your personally identifiable information may be retained for 5 or more years.

We may disclose personally identifiable information if: (1) you provide written or electronic consent to the disclosure in advance; (2) it is necessary to provide our services to you or to carry out our business activities; or (3) it is otherwise authorized by federal law. These disclosures generally occur for, but are not limited to, account management, billing and collection services, surveys, marketing, service delivery, administration and customization, service maintenance and operations and fraud detection and prevention.

Persons that have authorized access to personally identifiable information include, but may not be limited to, Anne Arundel Broadband employees; sales and service agents; other businesses that work with us to bring you our services, including program and program guide providers; accountants, billing, collection and legal services; outside auditors; repair and support providers; marketers of Anne Arundel Broadband services; merchants or other third parties from whom you make purchases or other requests; purchasing entities if we sell or transfer ownership of our system; authorized representatives of government; and entities affiliated with us through common ownership or control.

Anne Arundel Broadband will not release any such personal information except to those individuals or businesses to which we are legally permitted to do so. Consistent with the requirements found in the Cable Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and other federal and state laws, we may disclose personally identifiable information to representatives of government or other authorized persons. We will disclose such information pursuant to a warrant, court order, administrative subpoena, other legal process or voluntarily if we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious injury to any person justified disclosure of the information. Under current law, many criminal subpoenas require that we not disclose or notify you of the request. Due to this fact and the volume of requests we receive, we cannot assume any duty to notify you of receipt of any legal requests. Under current law, certain details of your cable records are generally protected from disclosure and may be obtained only under court order and after notice is given to you and you have the opportunity to appear in court and object.

We may also use or disclose personally identifiable information about you to protect our employees, services, property, network and customers and/or to enforce our rights under our service agreements, terms and policies, in court or elsewhere as may be necessary. Anne Arundel Broadband respects the rights of our customers. Keeping you informed is an important part of our continuing effort to provide you with better quality broadband services. Federal law provides that any subscriber aggrieved by any act of Anne Arundel Broadband in violation of the federal limitations on collection and disclosure of your personally identifiable information may bring a civil action in federal court.

We may review our privacy practices from time to time. We will inform you of any changes that we make to our privacy practices by posting changes in a revised privacy notice that will be made available to you through our service and/or postal mail. Use of our services following revisions to this privacy notice constitutes your acceptance of the revised privacy provisions. 

Other Terms and Policies

Other terms, conditions and policies affect our service offerings including our Service Agreement, Online Privacy Policy, High Speed Internet Service Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, Voice (phone) User’s Agreement, Voice (phone) Privacy Notice and 911 Notification. Changes in our service offerings, the law and policy may cause us to make changes to this and other policies from time to time. Any changes will be posted at