Things You Should Know About Programming

Broadstripe Promise

  • To keep your bill as low as possible by standing up to the increasing fees networks demand.
  • To negotiate in good faith with networks and keep you updated.
  • To ask network owners not to use viewers’ loyalty against them during negotiations.
  • As possible, to provide options and solutions if a network does remove its channel.

Choice, Control, and Value.

A simple goal.

At Broadstripe we have one simple goal to offer every customer the best value and TV experience possible. That means delivering all the shows you enjoy at a price that makes sense to your family. Big programming networks that supply shows to Broadstripe often have other priorities.

What’s the problem?

Sometimes, like in the case involving our current network negotiations, conglomerates decide to double, triple or even quadruple rates they charge us for exactly the same programming. Broadstripe continues to negotiate with these companies to reduce unreasonable increases. In the meantime, as you may have been aware, those programmers will threaten to discontinue providing the signal if these outrageous demands are not met.

Broadstripe works very hard to implement business practices that improve the level of service we provide to our customers while keeping operating costs low. Unlike these media giants, we will continue to work to lower our overhead and to stay focused on what’s best for our customers.

We are working for you!

We never want to lose your trust. Broadstripe values your business and the fact that you continue to see the benefit of working with a local company. We know you have a number of other providers to choose from and we appreciate that you have chosen us. That’s why we will do everything possible to minimize rate increases, continue to listen to the needs of our customers, and provide clear communication in every situation.

Other cable and satellite companies are faced with the same challenges. Programmers initiate a dispute and then encourage customers to change providers. But that’s never a solution because the same programmer will do the same thing to the next provider serving our community. In the end, everyone winds up paying a lot more simply to retain what they already had. We want you to know that at Broadstripe, we will keep you informed and do everything we can to give you what you need at the fairest price – never playing games with your money.

We appreciate your patience. If you see or hear threatening ads, just know that’s how programmers try to make you emotional enough to consider switching and ultimately paying more for the same thing. You can count on Broadstripe for the straight story. Be assured that every dime of any network rate increase will go to network and none is going into our pockets. Please count on us to give you all of the information at any time and to respond to your requests and concerns immediately.

Recent Programming Updates

12/28/17 Broadstripe is pleased to announce the addition of Newsy and FXM to our channel lineup. Newsy can be found on Digital Basic channel 139 and HD channel 469. Newsy is a next-generation national news network. It’s best know for its daily news coverage and original storytelling. FXM is on Digital Basic channel 112. FMX’s programming consists largely of more recent and classic films.

9/30/17 Important Information for Broadstripe customers: WUSA has announced that they will cease broadcasting Bounce TV, effective on or after September 30, 2017.  Therefore, as of that same date, Bounce TV (WUSA) will no longer be available on Broadstripe Cable.